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I know you love to see Severus in action, so here are some worthy (and a couple we posted for fun) renditions of either Snape or characters within the fan-fics on this site. Are you a budding artist? I'm always eager to have more artwork up. If you've seen some fabulous Severus Snape art or have some good stuff of your own, send me either the picture(s) or a link to the artist's work, and I will check it out. Even better, why don't you create artwork for a fic on the site? You'll get your own artist's page, along with that status on the Forum. And your pics will be posted on the title page of the corresponding fic (with the author's permission) Let's face it, if you're not drawing stick figures, you're ahead of me. I am always on the prowl for more artists, so create away!

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Angelus Ravenclaw
Lurking Lynn
Snape's Cat


Sevy's Gal